First Year Baby Moment Card – Nested Fox


A set of 50 beautifully illustrated A6 moment cards for baby's first year.


These beautiful cards come complete in a gift box.   Inside the gift box there is a space provided to record baby's name, date, time and place of birth.


Printed with a luxurious matte laminate finish each card has a space to write your thoughts and memories on the back and the date on the front.


These cards are gender neutral.


Contents include:

18 Age Cards - Hello World, 1-4 weeks, 1-11 months & My First Birthday. - 25 Development Cards & Unique Firsts. - 5 Cards to Personalise. - A Reusable 'Thank You!' Card. - A 'Can't wait to meet you' Pregnancy Card.


Directions for use - write on cards with a ballpoint pen or a Sharpie.

First Year Baby Moment Cards