Pink Party Planter


Pink Party is another gorgeous handmade, glazed porcelain planter from the always wonderful All Things We Like.


Ceramics designed by All Things We Like are produced by a small, traditional porcelain factory and hand-glazed by their social workplace. So every item is social-design, made with a lot of love and dedication all whilst giving back to the community... and that sounds pretty super to us!


Measures: 10 x 8.5cm approx.


Holds 400ml ...FYI Pink Party is 100% Dishwasher safe!


Planter supplied only, leafy green plant baby not included.


Please remember these products are handmade as such no two handmade items are ever exactly alike; you may encounter a slight variation in colour or shape... You could say that every handmade item you purchase is one-of-a-kind!  What’s not to like about that?


About the brand...


All Things We Like was founded by Janneke van der Heijden in 2011. Janneke runs this amazing Dutch Eco–Design company from her studio in Utrecht.


All Things We Like strive to create beautiful and functional designs for your home but fundamentally if an item can’t be sustainably and ethically produced, it simply won’t be made.


Janneke has successfully created a brand that has kindness, sustainability and functionality at its core while creating fun and beautiful products.

All Things We Like - Pink Party Planter