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New for 2023

Hands up if you love lists!

I do!! I really love my lists... both in work and at home they're what helps keep the show on the road!

Day to day the mental load that we carry is immense! Trying to remember everything while keeping so many areas of our lives simultaneously under control is exhausting.

That's where my lists save the day!

Writing down daily tasks and chores, get's them out of your head and allows you to actually see what needs to be done.  Helping you to start prioritizing your task list and lessen that mental load.

Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing more of my printable lists to help you out whether you're looking to organize your tasks, manage your workflow or juggling a busy home.

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The Printable Medicine Tracker

I knew immediately that The Medicine Tracker would be my first list to share.  This is one list that I relied on time and time again when my daughter was younger.

Trying to keep track of when you last gave paracetamol or ibuprofen to a sick child when you're sleep deprived can be tough going... add another medicine like an antibiotic into the mix and it's so easy to loose track.

This printable Medicine Tracker helps you by providing 
a space to note the date, time, medication name and dose. 

The notes section can be used for noting symptoms or as a space to provide information when handing over care to a partner or caregiver.

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